All settings at a glance

Here you will find an overview of all settings relevant to documents.

Open Settings

Open a document’s context menu. Click on the “Settings” link.

Every document needs a title. 😉
Select the language for the audio description. The selection determines which voices you can later use to read aloud.
Note (optional)
Add a short note if necessary. It is displayed in the project overview to the right of the document title.
Editor Mode
Decide whether you want to work with instructions or not. For classic manuscripts (for recordings in a recording studio), the “Script with instructions” option is recommended; for text-to-speech audio description, the text is usually sufficient, so you can usually work with “Script without instructions”.
Lock Document (optional)
This option may make sense for you if you are working on a project with someone - or on behalf of them. You can lock the document so you can write in peace. Nobody can open the document until you unlock it!
Default Voice
Set the default voice for your document. New texts are automatically read out with this voice. You can change this later for every text block. “Standard-B” from Google has proven itself for many manuscripts and is therefore automatically selected for new documents.
Update existing text blocks (optional)
This option is available if you have already created texts in the document and now want to subsequently change the voice for all texts. *
You can change the speed of the synthetic voice for this document. This makes sense, for example, if you are describing an action film in which the speed for the descriptions should generally be higher. In contrast, it could be helpful for documentaries to slow down the pace a little. Note: The value set here refers to the speaking rate with the “normal” setting. The values for “fast” and “very fast” adjust automatically in the editor. **
Test (optional)
In this field you can enter a short text and play it to get an impression of the currently selected voices and the set speed.

* Tip: If you only want to adjust individual text blocks, it is better to use batch processing.

** Tip: When creating a new document, leave the speed at “100%”. You can change it later if you notice that the tempo in the editor isn’t quite right. If you update the speed in the document settings, all existing descriptions will be automatically adjusted.

Last Update: 2023/10/05