All settings at a glance

Here you will find an overview of all project-relevant settings.

Open Settings

The context menu - in the project overview to the right of the title - takes you to the “Settings” menu item. Click on it to open the form.

Every project needs a name. 😉
Folder (optional)
If you have created at least one folder, this selection list will appear in the settings of all projects. You now have the option to move the project to a folder. Leave the field blank so that the project appears directly in the project list.
Media Source (optional)
If you have activated “Local Mode” in your profile, you can choose here whether the video should be loaded from the server or played locally from your hard drive.
Choose the language that is spoken most frequently in the film. This helps the system to suggest default values at certain points, e.g. creating a new document or when translating a document.
You can add notes to each project, such as links to further information relevant to the project. All team members in the project can later view these notes.
Timecode Offset
Enter the timecode offset if one is burned into the video. If your video does not contain timecode, leave the setting at 00:00:00.00. When replacing the current video with a new version, pay attention to whether the offset has changed. Then correct this value if necessary.
Frames Per Second
Set the frame rate (frames per second) of the video. The editor will then correctly round the display for frames. This setting is also taken into account when exporting a document.

Supported frame rates:

  • 23.98 fps (Cinema for TV/NTSC)
  • 24.00 fps (Cinema)
  • 25.00 fps (TV/PAL)
  • 29.97 fps (TV/NTSC)
  • 30.00 fps

Tip: For 60.00 fps films, just use 30.00 fps. The difference in presentation is minimal.

Last Update: 2023/10/03