How do I copy a project?

Do you want to transfer a project but keep a copy? Or have you created a project template that already contains pre-made text blocks and your teams settings?

Copy a project

  1. Open your project.
  2. Open the context menu at the top right of the title.
  3. Select “Copy project…” from the menu.

In the following dialog you can now select what will be included when copying (documents, team, audio and video files). Then click on “Copy Project”. Depending on the size of the project’s audio and video files, copying can take up to a minute. So please be patient…


A few examples of when you should copy projects and which settings make sense:

Transfer Project

If you hand over a project to your client, you’ll lose control of it. It can happen that your client deletes the project even though you wanted to look at your scripts again. Before starting the transfer, copy your project with all the data and then hand the copy over to your client. The original stays with you.

Audio description class

Do you train new authors? And everyone should practice with the same project but not work together on the text? Make a copy for each student and then invite them.

Similar projects

Do you regularly edit episodes of a series? Then there is a high chance that the opening and closing credits - and perhaps your team - will be the same for each episode. Simply copy an existing episode, but uncheck “Copy video and audio files”. You can also prepare a specific “template” project with a document only including prologue and epilogue and keep it in your project list. Then copy this template everytime you start a new episode.

New Video

You can use the copy function if you have received a new version. This allows you to keept the old video and compare both versions if necessary. However, if you don’t need the old version of the film, it’s better to replace the video in the existing project.

Last Update: 2023/10/03