This is how quick navigation works

Do you have a 2 hour long film with hundreds of descriptions and are you looking for a specific text? With quick navigation you can quickly jump to any text block in the document.

Open quick navigation

  1. Click the “List” icon in the toolbar on the top right side of the editor. A new section will open containing a list of all descriptions.
  2. Click on a description. The editor now rewinds the video and document to this point and focuses the timeline.
  3. Press “Space” to start playback.

You can also search for individual words in the document. Then you will only see the text blocks that contain the word you are looking for. Click again on one of the descriptions found to jump to the desired location in the video.

Please note that so far you can only search in the description. However, we are working on expanding the search to include the instructions.

Last Update: 2023/10/12