How do I create a subaccount?

Companies can create additional “subaccounts” for their employees if necessary.

In Frazier we differentiate between “contacts” (people with their own account) and “subaccounts” (subordinated to a company). If an author already has their own account, follow the
Manage Contacts” chapter to add the contact. Otherwise you can create a subaccount here.

How to manage subaccounts

  1. Log in with the main account for the company.
  2. Open your “Profile” and scroll to the “Collaboration” section.
  3. Click on “Manage Subaccounts”.

Here you can see an overview of the currently created accesses. At the top right you can see how many accesses you can create in total.

Create a new account

Now click on the “New Account” button to create a subaccount.

The name is displayed, among other things, when you work collaboratively.
The email address is used to activate access and then log in to Frazier. Notifications will also be sent to this email address.
Optional: Upload a photo. It is displayed as a profile picture in the team list, among other things. Without an avatar, the initials are displayed.
Optional: Severely restricts access options for this account. Guests cannot create folders or projects. You must invite them to existing projects so they can work.*
Passwort (und Wiederholung)
Assign an initial password for access. Should be changed after activation of access!

* Attention: Subaccounts without the “guest” restriction have extensive possibilities. You can create projects on behalf of the company and also initiate text-to-speech outputs and mixes. Think carefully about which tasks should be completed with the account and, if in doubt, limit the options. External employees should generally only be provided with “guest” access.

Note: The number of available subaccounts is coordinated individually with the company. If you cannot create a new account (the “New Account” button is missing), the current maximum number of subaccounts has been reached. Please contact support.

Last Update: 2023/10/01