Customize the editor to your needs.

Video Player


You can undock the video so that you can watch it in a second window and move it independently.

Mozilla Firefox

If you hover over the video, an icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the video. This allows you to start the “Picture-in-Picture” mode.

Google Chrome

In the video player settings (the “Gear”-icon under the video), select the “Picture-in-Picture” option.

Tip: If you work with two monitors, we recommend using Firefox. Google Chrome limits the second window to 800x600px. This well-known bug has been known for years, but Google has not fixed it.

Playback Rate

You can play the video at a different speed. Select the desired speed from the video player settings. Film + text-to-speech output will be adjusted accordingly.

Volume Balance

Sometimes it happens that the original sound of the video is very loud. Therefore, you can adjust the ratio between the audio description track and the original audio track. To do this, use the volume balance slider on the bottom right of the video player.

Timecode Easter-Egg

By default, the timecode shown at the bottom right of the video player represents the length of the current video. If you click on it, timecode is reversed and you can see how much you have already accomplished! 😉

More Settings

Adjust Area Sizes

Do you need more space for the text? Would you like to view the video larger to see a detail better? Then drag the small gripper between the video and the document (top center) to the left or right with the mouse to enlarge or reduce the respective area.

Layout, Colors and Video Resolution

You can also customize the editor layout and timeline color palette. You can find details about this in the chapter Editor Settings.

Last Update: 2023/10/11