The “Production” package is billed in two parts: a mandatory subscription and a consumption-based component for the text-to-speech output and mixes actually created.


First, you need an active “Production” subscription to unlock the functions necessary for text-to-speech audio description. These include, among other things, the neural voices as well as additional storage space for your films and the generated audio files. As with the “Authoring” subscription, you have the option to choose between different plans.

Audio Export and Automated Mix

If you have generated speech output or automated mixes during the current billing period, you will receive an extended invoice for the next period.


  • A project is billed at the biling period in which voice output is initiated for the first time.

  • Multiple exports and mixes are explicitly permitted and will not be billed again. Useful, for example, for A/B tests (voice comparison, different mix settings) or correction loops..

  • Billing is based on the original film length. Every starting minute of the video counts. Some examples:

    • Original film length: 30:00 min -> Billed as 30 min
    • Original film length: 30:10 min -> Billed as 31 min
  • Newly cut videos are treated as a new project. It is therefore strongly recommended to clarify in advance whether the final cut version is available before starting the voice output!

Please contact support get the current price list.

Last Update: 2023/10/11