How to work together on a document?

Whether editorial work or collaborative writing. When you work together on a project, you can make changes to a document at the same time. The changes are synchronized between everyone in real time.

Color Coding

Everyone gets their own color. This way you can see who last edited which block of text. Your color will be automatically generated at the beginning when you create your user account. But you can also set a different color in your profile.

Display of positions

When someone edits a text, the corresponding timecode is color-coded for everyone. You shouldn’t try to edit the same text at the same time, as it can quickly happen that the texts mix together or that one’s changes are overwritten by the other. So pay attention to the markings.

Tip: Use the comment system (next chapter) to discuss different text variants. At the end, one of you enters the final text into the document. This way you won’t get in each other’s way.


All changes are transmitted in real time. So if you are working on the same document in parallel, it may happen that the message “Changes saved” appears every now and then or that a block of text or a blue bar moves on the timeline as if by magic.

Tip: collaborative work may feel unusual at first. But you quickly get used to it. Writing together is really fun. 😉

Last Update: 2023/10/10