Get the most out of the editor

In this chapter we will show you all the features of the editor and give you tips for efficient use.

The Editor Tour

When you open a manuscript for the first time, a short tour will start that will explain how to use the editor. Please take a moment. It only takes two minutes. Follow the instructions and you’ll understand how the editor works pretty quickly.

Tip: The tour encourages you to take part. 😉

Layout of the editor

Sidebar (left)
On the left you will find the sidebar with links to the most important areas of Frazier. This means you can jump back to the project list or your profile at any time.
Breadcrumbs (top)
Here you will always see where you are. This way you can quickly jump from the editor back to the project overview.
Video player (center left)
Here you can see your video, it will automatically be synchronized with the timeline and the document.
Document (middle right)
In this area you write your audio description. The document will automatically sync with the video.
Timeline (bottom)
The timeline is the central element for controlling the video. The orange marker shows you the current position in the video. The blue areas represent the voice output. The white waveform visualizes the audio of the video, and the small images indicate scene changes.
Toolbar & context menu (right)
To the right of the document you will find another bar with many useful additional features. These will be presented in the next chapters.

Last Update: 2023/10/11