Get started without any detours

We have created a demo project for you. It contains a short excerpt from the film “Big Buck Bunny”. So you can test the editor and export immediately.

As soon as you have logged in for the first time, open the “Demo (EN)” project. You will now see the project overview. Here you can find all the important information about a project.

The Manuscript

The demo project also includes a sample audio description document.

  1. Scroll down to the “Documents” section
  2. Then click “Demo Manuscript” to open the document in the editor.
  3. Wait for the editor to finish loading. Then start the video.
  4. Frazier now plays the video and automatically reads the audio description.

The Editor Tour

When you open a document for the first time, a short tour will start that explains how to use the editor. Please take a moment. It only takes two minutes. Follow the instructions and you’ll understand how the editor works pretty quickly.

Tip: The tour encourages you to take part 😉

Document Export

In the editor at the bottom right, select the “Export document…” option in the context menu and look at the different export formats. Note that in the trial version only the first 10 text blocks of a document are exported.

Delete Demo Project

As soon as you are finished with the demo and no longer need it, you can delete it. To do this, open the project and select the “Delete…” option in the context menu to the right of the title.

Next you can start your first own project.

Last Update: 2023/10/02