Your profile in detail

You can customize Frazier to your liking. You will find various areas in the “Profile”.

First there is some basic information:

Your name will be displayed, among other things, when you work collaboratively with other users.
Your email is used to authenticate you and to send you notifications. You cannot change the email address yourself. If necessary, please contact support.
You can upload a picture of yourself. It will then appear in the sidebar on the left and in the editor at the top right. As long as you haven’t uploaded an image, your initials will be displayed. The recommended image size is 256x256px.
Frame color/highlight
You can change the color around your avatar & on your text changes. After changing, please check whether the color is clearly visible by looking at the “Profile” menu item in the sidebar at the bottom left. Lighter colors are particularly recommended, as Frazier’s surface is dark in many places.
Password (and repetition)
You can change your password. Repeat your entry. The password will only be changed if both fields are filled out and the same.
Here you set the language of Frazier’s interface (including help texts, buttons, checklist, etc.). This setting is independent of the language selected in a project. The setting there applies to voice output. Frazier is currently available in German and English.
Time Zone
Our servers are located in Germany. If you work in a different time zone, you can set it here so that the times are displayed correctly in Frazier (e.g. “Last Update” in the project list).

Edit Profile

Last Update: 2023/10/10