Accessibility at Video To Voice

Before we really get started, a few words about accessibility: We strive for digital inclusion in our design and our products. This also includes - but not only - using a screen reader.

We regularly check our pages internally and externally with the help of third parties in order to meet our accessibility standards. If we still missed something, please report the error to our support. We will fix errors as soon as possible.

Use with a screen reader

We use NVDA and JAWS for our internal tests. The descriptions in the manual all refer to NVDA. If you use a different screen reader, certain labels mentioned may be slightly different. The keyboard shortcuts for certain actions also differ for each screen reader.

So in these cases, please don’t just take your word for it, but rather think about what would be expected or what you should do with your screen reader. If you still get stuck, please contact support.

Current information on accessibility

The Website

Our current website is not completely accessible. Contrasts and focus management are not implemented correctly. But we have been working on a new version in the last month. This will go online in the 4th quarter of 2023.

The Manual

This manual is considered accessible after internal testing. However, an external audit is still pending.

Tip: The manual contains a so-called “skip” navigation at the beginning of the page - hidden links that are intended to make it easier to use with a keyboard and screen reader. After loading the page, press the “Tab” key once and a link will appear in the top left that allows you to skip the navigation and go directly to the content of the page. Screen readers will also read this link, so look for a “Skip to content” link at the very top of the page.

The Application

We are working on making Frazier usable with a screen reader as well. To a large extent this already works. In some places - especially in the editor - there are still problems. Where it is possible to avoid these pitfalls, we add the relevant chapter to this manual. So pay attention to the “Screen reader notes” sections. Also, we offer an onboarding for screen reader users. Just contact our support.

Color contrasts

Frazier currently has a dark color scheme, where large portions of the surface are displayed in various shades of gray. The contrast ratio meets the WCAG AA recommendation of at least 4.5:1 on all pages. We know that some people need a light color scheme or one with very high contrast. This is on our to-do list and we will let you know as soon as something happens here.

Reduced animations

We largely avoid animations in Frazier. However, essential functions in the editor are animated. In addition to the video content itself, this applies to the timeline that runs along with the film and also to the document. These movements cannot be switched off. If this leads to problems, let’s think together about what we can improve here. Please contact support.

And now… Let’s start with the demo project!

Last Update: 2023/10/02